We recently distributed a news release announcing the CityPOV online REALTOR® marketing platform and our Community-First approach.

We’ve had great response to it – from a range of areas. (Real Estate Professional wrote an article on us.) It seems that a lot of people see the value and opportunity in what we have developed with our proprietary software platform. We have seen a marked increase in downloads of the app, we’ve had quite a few REALTORS® contact us to sign up for the program, and we’ve had interest from a few other high-profile professionals who get the bigger picture of what we can do.

No One Else Can Offer What We Do

The CityPOV Interactive team has spent the past two years developing our online platform. Through this deep dive into developing this proprietary software, we identified that it is an exceptional online marketing tool for REALTORS® because of how homebuyers’ behaviour has changed: they search for community first. To stay ahead of the competition, REALTORS® must be positioned as the community expert, as well as an accredited real estate professional.

Community Exclusivity for REALTORS®

We are building out this side of the business and providing community exclusivity to our clients. We’ve been busy with smart REALTORS® who want to make sure they are seen as the community experts in their areas. They don’t want the competition to nail down exclusivity for the neighbourhoods that they serve. And in late summer/early fall, we are set to expand into the United States.

Big Response Means Big Opportunity

The response to our official launch has been interesting. The real estate marketing services that we offer are important and we have big plans for this division of CityPOV Interactive. We’ve also had several discussions with a few people who see a bigger picture for the interactive platform and app. Right now, along with taking the real estate marketing world by storm, we’re building out our long-term strategy and investment plan. It’s exciting to be discussing what the future holds and identifying who will walk that road with us as key investor partners.

Big Data Becomes Hyper-Local

Our Community-First approach uses big data, organizing it by administrative boundaries – from country down to hyper-local community blocks – providing different data at each level. This is a must for search engines and online marketing. And our software platform groups data so that it can be found organically, not just by a search of an address. What this means for REALTORS® is that when people are looking for a new community, they will learn the most about it by visiting the REALTOR®’s site – they are positioned as the community expert, helping the homebuyer when they need it – when they are searching for where to live. We know this works because our clients are calling us within weeks of their CityPOV-designed Community-First site being up – and they are asking to increase their monthly program with us because they are seeing exceptional results and want more. Those are the kinds of results you want to see for your clients!

The CityPOV team is excited – we get to work with great people, we have exceptional clients, and we are starting to plan out the future for our tech start-up.

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