Home Market Report – by CityPOV

One of the greatest needs for a REALTOR® is a way to generate Seller Leads! Rather than chasing down other agents for listings are going through all the hoops for presales, you need to get Sellers. Then other agents are seeking you and you are guaranteed a commission when the property sells.

Getting Sellers it the hardest thing to do, but CityPOV has found a way to capture good, quality leads of individuals who are curious of what the current hot market has done to increase their properties. They might be considering a move to jump on the real estate high before it may drop! http://homemarketreport.ca is a way to do just that!

Home Market Report is true tool for potential Sellers to get a snap shot of the current market in their neighbourhood by using the power of CityPOV's data and the current listings.  A licensed REALTOR® can then give them the true selling market prices of similar homes via email or phone call. This is not just a way to grab users info, but a way for those curious about their home value to get a true market analysis without any commitment. Check out more at http://homemarketreport.ca.

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